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Do your bit for the environment and make some money as well, sell us your ferrous metals. Our appraisal experts will guarantee the best price for you. From roofing sheets and construction steel to old baths and white goods, we can recycle a huge variety of ferrous metals. Visit our sites in Crawley and Lancing to discuss your waste materials.

Ferrous metal recycling in West Sussex & beyond

• Iron (old baths, machinery, guttering etc.)

• Light steel (white goods, roofing sheets, panels etc.)

• Construction steel (RSJs, reinforcing rods, beams etc.)

Ferrous metals:

Ferrous metals contain an appreciable amount of iron, often with the addition of carbon which is used in the making of steel. This type of metal is the most re-cycled in the world. At least 25% of new steel is made from re-cycled materials. Re-cycling one tonne of steel saves 1.1 tonne of iron ore, 630Kg of coal and 55Kg of limestone. 97% of structural steel worldwide is re-cycled making this industry one of the global success stories in renewable resources.

Bring your steel along to be recycled

Sell your ferrous metal for a great, up-to-date price. Call us in West Sussex on

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