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Copper wire

Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron in any significant amount.

A vast majority of non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic.


Non-ferrous metals usually command a far higher price than ferrous, due to their rarity and high demand.


From scrap copper to lead, we'll recycle your metal for an up-to-the-minute price, contact us today.

Non-ferrous metal recycling in West Sussex

• Copper

• Brass

• Aluminium

• Lead

• Stainless steel

• PVC wire/cable


Metals include:

Whether you have a small amount of brass or a large quantity of scrap cable, our recycling sites have the tools and machinery to accommodate your waste material. With sites in Crawley and Lancing we regularly receive scrap metal from across Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, London and throughout East and West Sussex and Kent.

Large and small quantities accepted

Want to dispose of your scrap copper? Get in touch to discuss your waste metals

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